Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos

Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos, by Christopher Hope.

Google, Facebook and other internet companies could be prosecuted if they do not stop extremist videos from being seen on their websites by people in Britain, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Ministers are considering a new law which would mean Google – which owns YouTube – and other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be prosecuted if they allow such videos to be disseminated.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, made clear her displeasure at internet companies that publish extremist content on Friday, saying “the ball is in their court” over taking action.

All non-PC speech is “extremist”, in the opinion of the PC elite. Google is a PC company, so letting it decide what to allow will mean that non-PC speech is banned or curtailed soon.

Google already down-rank non-PC websites in its search results. They’ve been doing it for at least five years. For example, climate skeptic sites are pushed down so that the warmist sites and minor sites critical of skeptics display prominently in search results.Which demonstrates that Google are quite happy to push the information you receive in a PC direction.

This is a pretty important argument:

See also here. The world needs a non-PC alternative to YouTube.