European Countries Inspired by Breitbart to Crack Down on Soros

European Countries Inspired by Breitbart to Crack Down on Soros, by Aaron Klein. This should be interesting. There is as warrant out for his arrest in Russia of all places!

Eastern European leaders have “drawn inspiration” from conservative U.S. media outlets, especially Breitbart News, to crack down on groups financed by billionaire George Soros that are allegedly attempting to meddle in domestic politics, Reuters reported: …

“The campaign against Soros in countries formerly dominated by Moscow appears to follow a template set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose own crackdown on foreign-funded charities drove Soros’s foundation out of Russia two years ago.” …

Breitbart News has featured a large number of stories documenting Soros’s financing of groups pushing open borders in Europe and worldwide, with specific focus on the use of the migrant crisis to achieve policy aims.

In the U.S., Soros has been tied to advocacy for illegal aliens, opposition to immigration enforcement, and, most recently, to activist groups attempting to halt President Trump’s domestic agenda.

The most Soros-aligned group in Australia appears to be GetUp!

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific