$15,000 a month offered to ‘A Teams’ to fight Trump agenda

$15,000 a month offered to ‘A Teams’ to fight Trump agenda, by Paul Bedard.

A group known for its successes fighting digital wars, notably net neutrality, is offering $15,000 to activists who quit their jobs and form “A-Teams” to jump into a war on President Trump’s agenda.

Fight for the Future, started in 2011 as a digital activist group, on Monday issued the offer with this eye-catching opening: “Terrified about Trump? Quit your job, start an A-Team. We’ll fund it.”

“We’re still working out the details, but if you’ve got a strong 2-3 person A-Team and a target we’d give you $15,000 right now for the first month, just to see what you can do,” said the promo. “If you make a big splash or measurable impact on your target in that time, we’re pretty sure we can find you more,” it added.

Where do the funds come from? As noted by Stephen Green, Fight for the Future got its initial funding from the Media Democracy Fund, which the Capital Research Center says is backed by George Soros.

George Soros

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