No! to Earth Hour

No! to Earth Hour, by Michael Darby.

Wentworth Report readers are entitled to be unimpressed by plans being made for so called “Earth Hour” on Saturday 25 March. Thousands of misled people across Australia will be lighting candles instead of flicking light switches, and a few of them will accidentally start fires and threaten the lives of their loved ones.

Real Australians are very well aware of the struggles of the pioneers and the joy which greeted the arrival of electricity at each rural household.

Dangerous organizations, some like WWF Australia pretending to be charities, are trying to convince Australians that electricity is a bad thing and should be switched off for an hour. “Switch off to the future” is the theme. …

The proponents of Earth Hour are out to control the minds of our children. This is not a game. Earth Hour is a deadly serious plan intended to recruit innocent youngsters to the wicked cause of bringing down the modern era and dragging us back at least two centuries. Without coal and without electricity, modern medicine is impossible and human lifespans will be halved. …

Perhaps worst of all, the proponents of Earth Hour are determined to crush the hopes of the poor and disadvantaged of the world, who unanimously yearn for the inexpensive energy which most of us in Australia take for granted. Until recently almost all Australians could depend upon reliable baseload power. Sadly the saboteurs are making the decisions in South Australia, and Victoria is not far behind.

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