Hanson proposes Muslim ban to solve terror

Hanson proposes Muslim ban to solve terror, by The Australian.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has gone from offering sympathies to the people of London after a deadly terror attack to slamming the city’s mayor and pushing her bid to ban Muslim immigration. …

“It’s amazing that the Muslim mayor over there has come out and said terrorists attacks are part and parcel of a big city,” she said in a video posted to social media on Thursday.

“Well, no, they’re not, they don’t have to be, they never have been in the past, and that’s something I never want to hear or see here in Australia from any mayor in any city.” Senator Hanson said sending sympathies under the PrayForLondon hashtag was futile and offered up her own hashtag to solve the problem — Pray4MuslimBan. “That is how you solve the problem. Put a ban on it and then let’s deal with the issues here,” she said. …

Bob Katter too:

KAP member for Kennedy Bob Katter joined Senator Hanson by repeating his own calls for a visa ban on people from the countries between Greece and India and North Africa. His ban would exempt persecuted minorities – including the Sikhs, Jews and Christians.

Mr Katter said it’s not a ‘Muslim problem’, “There are no such attacks in Albania, Malaysia or Indonesia (all Muslim countries). … But no intelligent person can argue that this is not coming from Islamic extremists.”