Russia Has Been Trying to Influence Our Elections for Fifty Years; Suddenly, Democrats Are ‘Shocked’

Russia Has Been Trying to Influence Our Elections for Fifty Years; Suddenly, Democrats Are ‘Shocked’, by John Hayward.

Former CIA operations officer Scott Uehlinger … spent twelve years living in the former Soviet Union when he worked for the CIA, and he speaks Russian.

“I spent a lot of time literally going head-to-head with Russian intelligence. I mean, they were actually, believe it or not, at my wedding. Russian intelligence was invited to my wedding because I was married over in Moldova. I was friends – I was associates – with all of the intel reps in town, and that included the Russians. So I know things Russian,” he said of his background. …

“Now, of course Russia attempts to influence the election process. They’ve been doing it for fifty years. They’re not particularly effective at it, but they try to sort of — if they can, they do what they can to influence public opinion, and usually it’s ineffective.” …

“However, I would wager they’ve been more effective in this past election simply because with the hacks, the WikiLeaks revelations of the DNC emails and such, basically Russian intelligence was doing the job that a viable true media should be doing themselves. In other words, if we had good journalism in this country, those kinds of revelations would have been made.” …

The American people had WikiLeaks to provide the information that normal journalists should provide in a normal kind of society –- the society we had, let’s say, thirty years ago. That’s unfortunate. But to feign shock that Russia is attempting to do this by the Democrats is very disingenuous.” …

Uehlinger found it “ridiculous” that Democrats and the media have hyped their “Russia hacked the election” narrative for six months and counting, without a shred of evidence.

The politicization of the US bureaucracy under Obama:

Uehlinger argued that the “Deep State” is “not something out of a James Bond film, where people meet at midnight, and you can’t see their faces, and they’re sitting around a table plotting world domination.”

“The bottom line is, under eight years of an Obama administration, the bureaucracy has been naturally polarized,” he explained. “The people who favored the Obama administration have tended to rise to the top. I would estimate at the CIA, it’s probably, let’s say about 65 percent Democrat and maybe 35 percent Republican or conservative.”

“I was a conservative, but I was always out in the field,” he noted. “The people who are walking around in reality, the people who are in the bazaars and markets of the Third World – much as cops are mostly conservative, the CIA officers in the field tend to be perhaps more conservative, whereas your analysts, the Washington creatures, the people who spend their entire career in Washington tend to be more liberal. But there are a lot more of them than people like myself. We’re outnumbered.”

“Also, many people in the Justice Department have said it’s about 80 percent liberal. The bottom line is, these people, they’re empowered by Hillary Clinton and her former administration calling themselves ‘The Resistance.’ They’re empowered by that, and feel more justified in basically blunting or dulling the policies of the president,” he said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil