Labor, Greens cynical 18C move

Labor, Greens cynical 18C move, by Chris Kenny.

We need to call out the cynical way in which Labor and the Greens are seeking to use the 18C issue to inflame divisive race-based debate for political purposes. They are deliberately misrepresenting the aims of the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act as somehow giving a “green light” to racism. This is dishonest and irresponsible. …

Both Shorten and Aly know the proposed changes will keep section 18C on the statute books so that racial vilification will still be outlawed in this nation under federal law (along with a range of complementary state laws against abuse, threats and vilification, and other protections such as defamation and obscenity laws).

They know the reforms proposed by the government aim only to prevent the repetition of clear cases of overreach against free speech. …

Changing the law to prevent overreach and the unfair persecution of people like Leak and the QUT students will not give anyone a new licence for hate. … The only ramifications should be to decrease the future likelihood of odious overreach by the AHRC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil