The Totalitarian Consensus

The Totalitarian Consensus, by David Krayden.

The Left hates Trump because he has destroyed the totalitarian consensus that former president Barack Obama had assiduously built over the last eight years and is now in tatters.

The totalitarian consensus is a virulent and pervasive characteristic of the left-wing thought that used to be isolated to its more extreme manifestations but that now dominates and defines liberalism writ large. It does not seek a forum to express liberal ideas, nor does it even seek the hegemony of that liberal discourse; its goal is the elimination of any thoughts and opinions contrary to its prevailing notions and a consensus that there are indeed no other ideas worth considering — and it seeks the total surrender of any dissidents who still proclaim an opposing truth and ultimately a solemn confession that they have been wrong all along and please forgive their foolishness and revisionism. …

He had the audacity to suggest that the climate change swindle might demand some reappraisal, especially given the enormous cost of enforcing this environmental religion. Settled? Forget it.

But try to question the totalitarian consensus on climate change and you immediately confront a world view that demands subservience and labels opponents as “deniers” not worthy of rational consideration. …

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was not just characterized by megalomania, paranoid and consciousness brutality; he also possessed a fervent passion to annihilate all opposition and to have his victims recant for their heretical thinking just before the NKVD bullet hit them in the back of the head. It was not enough that they were wrong; they had to publicly admit that they were wrong through a full confession.