Cory Bernardi invites Tony Abbott to join Australian Conservatives

Cory Bernardi invites Tony Abbott to join Australian Conservatives, by Katherine Murphy.

Cory Bernardi has publicly invited Tony Abbott to join his new Australian Conservatives movement after the former prime minister’s incendiary speech last Thursday in which he laid out a conservative manifesto for the next federal election.

Bernardi told Andrew Bolt on Monday night Abbott would be very welcome to join his new breakaway political movement given last week’s policy manifesto from Abbott lined up precisely with his own views about the policies required to appeal to disaffected Australian conservative voters. …

Bernardi said the Liberal party was being very foolish to rule out Abbott’s “good ideas.”

“I was watching [Tony Abbott] last week and I was talking to the TV saying, ‘Where were you all those years ago Tony?’ because those ideas are absolutely spot on,” Bernardi said on Monday night.

Bernardi said conservatives needed to campaign on a platform of cutting power prices, “trimming” immigration and cutting government spending – and, if the government resisted, “what hope is there for the Liberal party?”

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