Blowout in racial hatred cases in Australia

Blowout in racial hatred cases in Australia, by Dennis Shanahan.

The number of [racial hatred] cases lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission has leapt from 18 in the 12 months to last March to 71 in the past year, ­including nine “white males” claiming to have been racially discriminated against.

The most claims, where the commission identified the complainants’ race, are from Aborigines and Indians, as it was last year, but almost 15 per cent are white males and there are complaints from people who identify themselves as Chinese, Maori, Persian, Scottish, Pakistani, Jewish, Arab, Turkish and one who had a “dark complexion”. …

IPA policy director Simon ­Breheny last night said he believed the rise in complaints was a result of “incessant solicitation” of complaints by Human Rights Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane. …

18C might get changed:

The parliamentary committee is expected today to urge the Turnbull government to scrap the grounds of “insult and offence” under 18C or replace it with the tougher test of “vilify” or “harass”.

Coalition MPs, urged by Tony Abbott, have built support for an overhaul of 18C in response to the public debate over the prosecutions of three Queensland University of Technology students and The Australian cartoonist Bill Leak.

[IPA policy director Simon ­Breheny said] “A large number of submissions to the inquiry favouring no change to section 18C are from government agencies or taxpayer-funded groups. The position of these groups is completely out of step with the public — polling clearly shows Australians overwhelmingly favour change.

This is a sock-puppet arrangement where government departments give money to organis­ations to advance the anti-change argument.”

The IPA estimated 13 government agencies, 42 government-funded groups and six umbrella organisations covering government anti-discrimination commissions all made submissions against change.

hat-tip Stephen Neil