Trump Plans to Skip White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Trump Plans to Skip White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, by Michael Grynbaum.

The president has blasted the news media as the “opposition party” and on Friday delivered his most slashing broadside yet, telling the Conservative Political Action Conference that major news outlets were “the enemy of the people.” Later, his press secretary barred journalists from CNN, The New York Times and other organizations from a briefing at the White House.

The level of tension seemed incongruous with a black-tie event that is typically a jocular, if occasionally sharp-edged evening. The dinner, which has attracted A-list celebrities in recent years, features a presidential roast of reporters and a comic routine by a notable entertainer. Presidents are expected to be self-deprecating, which Mr. Trump is decidedly not.

It’s a cultural event of the PC class. PC types revel in making PC jokes, and deplorables are not present. Obama loved these dinners, and they loved him. The last few such dinners have mocked Trump, and he became a running joke. The mainstream news don’t mention that there is a cultural war and this is one of its high-points in the US.

The people at this event for the last few years never saw Trump coming — they said he was a joke candidate, and that he would not win the Republican nomination or the Presidency. They do not understand why anyone voted for him, because they do not personally know any such people (well maybe they do, but such voters aren’t going to tell a PC person).