Extreme danger ahead for EU as Europe topples to the Right

Extreme danger ahead for EU as Europe topples to the Right, by Douglas Murray.

Europe is still reeling from two separate crises: the 2007-08 financial crisis and the 2015 immigration crisis. Both play into Le Pen’s hands. For although the FN [Le Pen’s National Front] is generally described as a party of the far right, its views on many economic issues are anti-free-market and anti-globalist, and in any other context would be described as far left. In a continent where right-wing economic policies are widely blamed for the crash, this is now an advantage rather than the eccentric oddity it once appeared to be.


Consider what Australia would be like if had suffered what France has recently gone through:

It is hard for people outside France to appreciate how swiftly mainstream opinion in France has shifted in recent years.

But imagine if Australia had endured a period like France has just been through. Imagine if Australia was now in its third calendar year of a state of emergency. If in 2015 one of the nation’s most iconic magazine offices had been stormed — and its editors massacred — by two al-Qa’ida-trained gunmen. Imagine if Jewish targets in Australia had repeatedly been targeted by similar terrorists, and if two locally born Muslims had slit the throat of a priest saying mass at an altar in Adelaide.

Imagine, furthermore, if during this same period co-ordinated terrorist attacks had claimed hundreds of dead and wounded in an evening of terror in Canberra and almost 100 people had been mowed down on the Sydney waterfront by another Islamist terrorist shouting Allahu Akbar.

In such a situation I imagine that even the representatives of Australia’s mainstream parties would unveil somewhat more robust opinions on the ABC’s Q&A program than they do today.

hat-tip Stephen Neil