Donald Trump supporters to boycott Oscars in protest against ‘Limousine Liberals’

Donald Trump supporters to boycott Oscars in protest against ‘Limousine Liberals’, by David Millward.

[Trump’s] supporters have already made it clear that they will have no truck with people they regard as “Limousine Liberals”.

A Facebook post originated by Republicans in Arizona has called on the “backbone and decent people of America” to stand up against the “bitter people of the entertainment industry”.

The group hopes its supporters will hit the television ratings by voting with their remote controls should Mr Trump come under attack during the acceptance speeches. The political sympathies of nearly all the nominees suggest that this is possible.

Accepting a Film Independent Spirit award on Saturday night, Casey Affleck, who has been nominated at the Academy Awards for his performance in Manchester by the Sea, said: “The policies of this administration are abhorrent and will not last.” …

The scene for the latest round of the president versus Hollywood’s liberal aristocracy was set at last month’s Golden Globes awards when Meryl Streep rounded on Mr Trump. Characteristically he used Twitter to hit back, describing her as “overrated”. …

It’s going to be the most political Oscars for a number of years. When people were talking about it a few months ago, they thought it would be a race issue,” said one Hollywood insider. “Now agents are unleashing their stars to say what they will. They are telling their clients they are not going to lose anything.”