Tom Perez Elected Chairman of the US Democratic National Committee

Tom Perez Elected Chairman of the US Democratic National Committee, by Rick Moran.

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez overcame a stiff challenge from the radical left Muslim, Congressman Keith Ellison, and was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee.


Establishment Democrats breathed a sigh of relief. Electing Ellison would have put the crazies in charge and regular Democrats, recognizing the perilous state of the party, knew that making Ellison the public face of Democrats would have been a disaster of the first order. …

Both Perez and Ellison sought to present themselves as unity candidates, but Perez was widely seen as the candidate representing the Obama-Clinton wing of the party, and Ellison as the candidate of the Bernie Sanders wing.

It was close and had to go to a second round of voting. The losers were furious.

When Perez won, Ellison backers erupted in anger, chanting “Party of the people, not big money!” But that fury turned to relief and big smiles as Ellison took the deputy chair title.

The Democrats dodged a bullet. Of course, that Ellison lost proves Islamophobia must have been in play.