Keith Ellison Once Said Black People Don’t Have ‘Obligation’ To Obey Government

Keith Ellison Once Said Black People Don’t Have ‘Obligation’ To Obey Government, by Peter Hasson. Keith Ellison is frontrunner to head the Democrat Party, as Chair of the DNC.

Democratic congressman and DNC chair front-runner Keith Ellison once said that “black people don’t live in a democracy” and “don’t have an obligation” to obey the government.

Ellison made the comments at a 1992 protest after white police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King. At least 63 people died in the racially charged riots following the verdict.

Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune quotes Ellison as telling a group of protesters in Minneapolis that “Black people do not live under a democracy.”

“You don’t have an obligation to obey a government that considers you to be less than human,” Ellison said. …

Ellison once called for American blacks to have their own nation and called the U.S. Constitution “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.”


While speaking to an atheist group in 2007, Ellison compared the Sept. 11 attacks to the Reichstag fire, stopping just short of accusing then-President George W. Bush of having a hand in the attacks.

While speaking at a 2010 fundraiser in front of a mostly Muslim audience, Ellison claimed that American Jews have been “mobilized” by Israel to “do its bidding in America.”

25 years ago, but tells you where he is coming from. Should be interesting to see how Jewish Democrats react if he is elected. Robert Spencer notes:

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to Congress, also has past ties to the Nation of Islam — a black Islamic supremacist, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-Catholic and virulently anti-Semitic group. He conveniently denounced his involvement with the group when it suited him in 2006, after it became an issue during his first run for Congress.

It would seem that no matter how much hatred Ellison has spewed against the U.S. and Israel, his documented Islamic supremacist ties, and his facilitating of the crudest divisions in racial politics, he is still a trusted and influential Democratic leader, and likely soon to be the Chair of the DNC.

Should be a real vote winner for the Democrats. Just need more Muslim voters. Could speed that up with immigration.

hat-tip Stephen Neil