In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! a book review of Ann Coulter’s book with that title at Lynnes Likes. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 10, entitled “Islam’s PR Agency: The American Media”:

One thing the guys who planned 9/11 never expected was that Muslims would become a protected class in America. They must have thought, ‘Boy are we going to be hated!’ Instead, since that attack, we’ve admitted another two million Muslims, we almost built a mosque at Ground Zero, colleges are teaching classes on ‘Islamophobia’ (defined as” “believing what they clearly say”), and the US State Department tells Muslim countries, “We are pleased to present you with this check for 100 mosques.” Why, thank you!

Importing millions of immigrants whose religion teaches them we are Satan — when we don’t have to take any — is the new Selma [the imperative and long over-due voting and civil rights movement of the 1960s]. We were supposed to accept that Islamic terrorism — something hat never existed in this country  before Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act — was just part of life, a wonderful slice of the vibrant fabric of America. If you disagree, you were a racist.

Says Lynne:

It is vintage, caustic, uproarious Coulter, who (alone among American commentators) has been fiercely defending Trump since the start of his presidential campaign, while contradicting and correcting the mainstream and conservative press regularly. …

From 2001, some two million Muslims have entered the country legally. Coulter and Trump have their fingers squarely on the pulse of that vast part of the American nation that, rationally, does not want so many invited Muslims living inside the US borders. Superficially, it may sound racist to not want unlimited Muslim immigration, but Coulter — who is no more racist than Harper Lee — explains it this way: “Billions of people don’t live in America. We can admit them or not admit them for any reason we choose.”

Feigning offence at such ideas, the Washington Post’s Philip Bump once intoned: there is, “in fact, no reliable evidence that a large percentage of Muslims in the United States… support doing harm to the country or plan to commit acts of violence”. Retorts Coulter: “There’s evidence that some of them do. Why do we need to take that risk?… We want remarkable immigrants, not immigrants whose main selling point is ‘hasn’t gunned down fifty people in a gay nightclub yet.’ Anyone with a brain cell could see that admitting Muslim refugees increased the odds of a terrorist attack in a way that admitting white Western Europeans would not.” …