Clash of the Radical Titans: Keith Ellison and Thomas Perez vie for the post of DNC chairman

Clash of the Radical Titans: Keith Ellison and Thomas Perez vie for the post of DNC chairman, by John Perazzo.

It is a classic matchup that places the Democratic Party’s unwavering commitment to diversity on full display: The two front-runners in this week’s election for DNC chairman are a race-obsessed black hate monger and a race-obsessed Hispanic hate monger. The former is Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. The latter is Thomas Perez, who served as Assistant Attorney General in the Obama Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, and subsequently as Obama’s Secretary of Labor. A clash of titans, if there ever was one. …


Over the years, Ellison, who is a Muslim convert, has been a featured speaker at major conferences held by … groups [that] have deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn is the ideological wellspring from which both Hamas and al Qaeda were born. Moreover, Ellison’s very obvious Jew-hatred only enhances his resumé as a Democratic leader. …


Perez’s credentials are equally rife with racial obsessions and bad judgment, making him an equally perfect choice for DNC chairman. In 1996, for instance, he was instrumental in facilitating the passage of the Church Arson Prevention Act, a bill founded on a massive hoax claiming that African American churches were being targeted by arsonists at a disproportionately high rate. … Perez reflexively politicizes everything he touches. In 2011, PJ Media published a 12-part series of exposés revealing that, without exception, every attorney hired by Perez’s Civil Rights Division had a leftist or Democrat activist pedigree.

Universalist notions like one law for all have gone out the window at the new left, as they court identity groups that vie for special privileges and economic protection. An electoral auction of special benefits by a cynical bunch of power grabbers.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific