Sharia, a dark ages death sentence

Sharia, a dark ages death sentence, by Jennifer Oriel.

Australia does not welcome sharia law. It violates the Australian Constitution. It would send Western civilisation back to the Dark Ages. It chains freethinking women to a set of absurd laws ­derived from the misogynistic prophet, Mohammed.

It denies the right to criticise Mohammed’s half-witted notions because freedom of speech is only permitted in ­accordance with ­Islamic law. Islamism is a woman-hating, freedom-negating ideology whose most barbaric prin­ciples are codified in sharia law. …

Mohammed thought women were stupid and worse:

Feminists need Islam like the Enlightenment needs the Dark Ages. Witness Mohammed on women: “I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you.” What evidence did Mohammed provide to support his belief that women are stupid? They might be ungrateful to their husbands or curse at them. Many Koranic verses celebrate hatred of women: “Men have authority over women because God has made one superior to the other … Good women are obedient … as for those from whom you fear disobedience … beat them.” Islamic State celebrates its preferred Koranic ver­ses, including that wellspring of feminism: “Marry … any slave girls you may own.”

Ah, yes, female sexual slavery — just smell the freedom, women. …

The usual talking point by Islamists ignores relevant facts:

Sharia defenders often try to refute plain evidence of Koranic misogyny by referring to poetic surahs or highlighting sexist quotes from the Bible. There is beauty in the Koran and ugliness in the Old Testament.

But the critical point is that Christendom underwent centuries of bloody ­reform that culminated in the ­development of the secular state. The 21st-century West is enlightened and ruled by secular law while Islamic states across the world continue to be governed by sharia law and cultural codes.

So what the heck is our government doing? What future do they envisage for Australians? Or are they just outrageously stupid and willfully ignorant?

Australians are tired of being called racist for defending our most essential values while the government throws public money at an activist media that undermines them. We are forced to pay for the ABC to ridicule patriots, smear conservatives and spin secure border policy as xenophobic.

How much anti-Australian propaganda will we be forced to endure during SBS’s #FU2­Racism programming next week?

Maybe we should hold demonstrations outside ABC and SBS offices, and complain about their “temple of lies.” You know the left would do that to the ABC if positions were reversed.

I suspect none of it will happen. Instead, the Liberals will continue to fund Islamic activism with our money. Labor will join the Greens to fight against better border ­security and immigration vetting. Fifield will stay silent as public broadcasters take apart Australia’s constitutional values on the public purse.

Watch Prime Minister Turnbull at the Ramadan Iftar dinner last year — seated on his left is Islamic Australian mascot Yassmin Abdel-Magied:

hat-tip Stephen Neil