On Identity Politics

On Identity Politics, by John C. Wright.

Some say that the success of identity politics trumped up by the Left proves that a man will always side with his inborn tribal group, grievance group, and identity politics group rather than with any political doctrine or party or nation into which education, experience, or personal decision might lead him. Nations are never built on a proposition that all men are created equal and never have been: they are only build on tribes and clans. So runs the theory.

Those who believe this say that the way to defeat Leftwing Anti-White identity politics is by adopting Pro-White identity politics.

They are seduced into making a simple error. It is an error so simple that even a highly intelligent partisan of that movement might not see it.

The identity-grievance politics groups on the Left are all about Leftism and nothing about identity.

The only people who ever side with their tribal group and identity politics group are people who have been indoctrinated by the Left. They are Leftists. Identity politics is their stock in trade. It is the only product remaining on their intellectually bankrupt shelves.

It comes back to the electoral strategy the left adopted a couple of decades ago, of forming a coalition of the fringes on the back of large third world immigration, and abandoning the working class.