UC Berkeley Op-Eds Pour In to Student Paper Confirming Violence Will Continue

UC Berkeley Op-Eds Pour In to Student Paper Confirming Violence Will Continue, by Trey Sanchez. Violence as self defense??

A string of opinion pieces were published in The Daily Californian, the school paper for UC Berkeley, in the wake of the riots started by violent leftist fascists who believe free speech rights apply only to them. The takeaway from reading these pieces? Expect more of the same in the future. Violence is the only way in their eyes and they will show no mercy. …

One piece was submitted by an illegal immigrant student, Juan Prieto, titled “Violence helped ensure safety of students.” This “undocumented student” is a-okay with the violence because it only affected “replaceable property at my school.” In essence, his was a thank-you letter …

On and on these op-eds go, saying the physical injuries and property damage and threats to “kill Trump” were infinitely less violent than the words coming out of a person’s mouth.

They also made clear that going through the proper, peaceful channels on campus to urge the cancelation of a conservative speech didn’t work and that violence is the only way to shut  them down.

This is the Left’s literal war on free speech. Berkeley set the standard of expectation of what’s to come and these op-eds confirm that conformity to progressive politics is the only solution, or else get a bat to your face.

The left is discarding its self image as tolerant and having superior arguments. Their love-trumps-hate boast is long forgotten. It’s just a nasty power play from the left now, until they get hurt — because it doesn’t look like they will back off before that.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific