Sydney’s Weather Forecast for the Next Few Days

Sydney’s Weather Forecast for the Next Few Days. The government media in Australia is running an Orwellian fact distortion campaign to convince Australians that global warming is occurring and happening fast. But in fact global warming is almost an entirely Northern-hemispheric phenomenon, barely affecting the tropics or the ocean-dominated  southern hemisphere. While it’s been unpleasantly hot in Sydney lately, it’s February.

Into this fevered media climate comes the following weather forecast for Sydney today:


Reader Andrew finds the forecast of 45 C (113 F) on Sunday a bit bold:

Three consecutive days of 40+ forecast for the Sydney CBD (which only had one 30+ if I recall correctly during our Hottest Evah Summer). Includes a record 45C forecast.

That would be a remarkable feat of forecasting if it comes true.

SYD cannot sustain 40. If it gets too hot, a monsoonal downpour happens at 3-5pm and the heat event is over. We already had FakeNews 40s on Dec 30-31 (no day in Dec exceeded 37). In fact, I know of no non-desert place on the planet that can generate consecutive 40s.

So I’m going to say the probability is 0.01%.

Let’s see whether I’m right with no info other than living here, or the vast resources of whoever is feeding Yahoo is right. Screenshot attached in case the FakeNews disappears.

Maybe the weather forecasters can see something on their radar screens or from the satellites that we don’t know about yet, but 45C does seem a stretch. Let’s see.