Reality Check: “Immigration Can Never Be An Effective Way To Deal With The Suffering People Of The World”

Reality Check: “Immigration Can Never Be An Effective Way To Deal With The Suffering People Of The World”. By Tyler Durden.  They have to be helped where they are. Apparently there are still people in the West who have no idea of the numbers.

The most oft cited reason by opponents of President Trump’s immigration policies for why America should open its borders to the millions of impoverished and persecuted individuals around the world often center around humanitarian reasons. As a rich country with plenty of land mass, we should be able to take in anyone and everyone who may be in need, right?

While that notion, like Marx-Engels’ ideas for taking from those who have the ability and giving to those who need, may seem great on paper, successfully implementing such policies in the real world is starkly different.

Ignorant and daft. You need to know this:

According to Census Bureau statistics, some 1.3 million foreign-born individuals legally immigrated to the United States in 2014. That figure doesn’t include the nearly one million immigrants that enter the country illegally each year. Those who support open border immigration have said that we need to take in even more people.

And it’s going to get worse:

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

So the left’s push for open borders cannot be about relieving poverty outside the West. Therefore it must be about changing the composition of the people in the West.

Over 80% of the third world immigrants pouring into the West vote left, for more free stuff. And by amazing coincidence, the left fights fiercely to bring in more immigrants. A leftist politician sees third world immigrants as votes, as a meal ticket for the politician and a means to power. Too bad it is wrecking western culture eh? Soon the West will be like the third world, low trust and poor, full of people from the third world.

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