How the Women’s March Reinforced Every Negative Stereotype about Women EVER

How the Women’s March Reinforced Every Negative Stereotype about Women EVER, by Susan Goldberg.

The platform of the Women’s March is nothing short than a list of opinionated vagaries written in leftspeak and completely lacking in factual citation. It was carefully designed to stimulate the passions of armchair activists who have and will remain ignorant of the majority of crimes committed against women around the world on a daily basis, at least the crimes that don’t suit the agenda of the  organizers and supporters of the Women’s Marches. Namely organizers like Linda Sarsour, an Islamic activist who supports the oppressive Saudi regime, openly meets with Hamas financiers, and romanticizes Sharia law.

The Women’s March has done nothing more than highlight the utter abject failure that is modern feminism by focusing on feminists who happily personify every single negative stereotype about women. They are directionless airheads unable to properly channel their emotions verbally, let alone practically. So, they get together, stomp their feet and whine about nothing. But, you can’t say “nothing” because if you do they’ll start pulling out the PMS metaphors and threaten to…what, exactly? Go shopping? Drink wine? Pet a cat?