Protesters blocked Uber headquarters because of its ties to Trump

Protesters blocked Uber headquarters because of its ties to Trump, by Kif Leswing.

Several protesters barricaded the front of Uber headquarters here on Friday.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of President Donald Trump’s economic advisory team, called the Strategic and Policy Forum.

A few protesters were chained to the front door of the building on Market Street, and no employees were able to enter, according to Business Insider’s correspondent at the site.

The building’s side doors were also blocked by protesters before police were able to clear the area. Uber has told its employees to work from home or other offices, BuzzFeed News reported.

“Trump thinks he runs this town, we have come to shut it down,” the protesters chanted. “Stop Trump, stop the hate, Uber don’t collaborate.” Several protesters wore signs that said, “Uber collaborates, we resist.”

I wonder if these people have ever thought what would happen if conservatives boycotted every organization that “collaborated” with a Democratic administration? Civilization is breaking down, as it always does with too much leftist virtue signaling.