Driver in Melbourne Car Attack Identifies as Islamic, a ‘Greek Islamic Kurd’ with Mental Health Issues

Driver in Melbourne Car Attack Identifies as Islamic, a ‘Greek Islamic Kurd’ with Mental Health Issues, by Donna Edmunds. See previous.

The driver who ploughed his car into crowds on a Melbourne street killing four and injuring 15 others has been named as Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26.

Gargasoulas, who claims to be ‘Greek Islamic Kurdish’ and a follower of Yazdanism, has been found to have posted multiple rambling messages on social media in the last few days, ranting about the “illuminati”, promising “heaven and hell is real”, and vowing to “have god’s laws reinstated”.

“I declare war on tyranny today, you dogs will have the option to either believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me or serve the one who enslaves you at his feet,” he wrote on Facebook on Monday, the Daily Mail has reported.

Comments Robert Spencer:

All day people have been indignantly tweeting and emailing me, saying that Dimitrious Gargasoulas is not Muslim, he’s Greek.

That Islam is a religion and Greek is a nationality seems to escape a surprising number of people, including Australian authorities.

Anyway, Gargasoulas does seem to be quite unbalanced. What mainstream analysts fail to grasp is that being unbalanced and being a jihadi are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Islam attracts the psychically marginal, as it provides them with a justification of and blessing for their impulses to rage, hatred and violence.

Despite initial impressions and police assertions, it seems there is an Islamic connection. The police may well be correct about his background and history, but it seems the Islamic connection may have inspired him to commit his act — in which case it is terrorism, like the Nice and Berlin lorry attacks.

Police executives in Australia, particularly the Victorian police in Melbourne, are very obedient to PC. The Islamic link may not have occurred to them at first, and when it did they would be slow to acknowledge it. The Victorian Government is perhaps the most PC government in Australia.

It would be very interesting to know if the attacker was in fact yelling Allahu Akbar, as claimed by a witness — whose interview on Twitter was up for a few hours then disappeared. (Who censored that? UPDATE: The Victorian police censored it. They asked the guy who put it up to take it down because they were “concerned it makes people believe it was a terror event”.). Found another copy (courtesy of Michael Smith):

Ouch. Looks like Islamic terror has struck again in Australia. When is the political and media elite in Australian going to acknowledge the obvious, and stop pretending Islam is just another religion like all the others and stop protecting and importing Muslims? How about protecting us? Our elites are seriously incompetent, and most of them need to be replaced pronto. Let’s see how he goes for a year or two, but I wonder if Trump does franchise?

UPDATE: Some more thoughts.

Islam gives an excuse to the crazy and the hate filled to act violently and feel they are doing something honorable. Other religions aren’t like that.

Notice how the trust in our society is evaporating as “diversity” increases. Our police force is modeled on the original British bobbies, who began in 1829 in London and only carried truncheons. They were their to guide and protect, rarely resorting to violence. But now they are more and more heavily armed — in Australia the police started to wear guns in the 1980s. They are required to use those arms more and more to protect the rest of us. The US is ahead of Australia in these trends, and look how militarized they are becoming!

My parents say that in Australia no one locked their houses much before the 1960s or 1970s, but now most people lock some or all doors even when they are in the house, and security systems are common. The trust has gone!

The police in this case are being criticized for not ramming or shooting the attacker earlier, or dealing with him more harshly after the earlier knife attack. The mild police response is more appropriate for a higher trust society of more civic-minded people with higher impulse control and less of a criminal tendency, such as evolved in Europe over the last thousand years — as those with low impulse control and criminal tendencies tended to be jailed and thus not breed as much.

Once if the police asked you to stop and you didn’t there would be a certain amount of leeway and understanding — perhaps you were racing to hospital or there was some other emergency. Nowadays, increasingly in some parts of the world, if you don’t stop the police may feel obliged to shoot you.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific