The Immigration Wave That Won’t Break

The Immigration Wave That Won’t Break, by Steve Sailer.

A recent New York Times article about a refugee Syrian shepherd in Canada notes that his illiterate wife isn’t bothering to learn to speak, much less read, English because WhatsApp keeps her connected to her extended family drama back in the Levant …

And it’s not as if modern Westerners will dare insult you for your backward customs such as dressing your daughters in tents. The more hostile your ethos, the more masochistic Western elites will welcome you. …

The intellectual arguments against statutory restrictions upon free trade and open borders always assumed practical barriers to slow things down — e.g., relocating a factory to Asia was too organizationally daunting in a world where few spoke English, while relatively few would immigrate because they would miss talking to their relatives and eating their favorite foods and watching their favorite shows.

But just as it proved remarkably practical from the popularization of the internet in the mid-1990s onward to outsource factories from America to China, the friction costs retarding the billions in the Muslim and African parts of the world from arriving in the West barely exist anymore. …

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

That graph again

Jodi Kantor wrote in the Times: “The family was living through the first refugee crisis in history in which people without countries or homes could communicate instantaneously with one another. Previous generations of refugees often ached for any information about relatives, but now messages zipped back and forth around the world on free apps.”

Mass immigration tends to work politically like a doomsday machine, a juggernaut progressively cutting down the ability to call off immigration due to diminishing marginal returns. As a Western nation imports more individuals from the self-destructive parts of the world, the demands to admit their extended family members grow as well.

hat-tip David Archibald