Why Are Liberals Such Racists?

Why Are Liberals Such Racists? by John Hinderaker.

As a conservative, I essentially never encounter racism. I don’t have any racist friends or acquaintances. The issue never comes up. Liberals, on the other hand, tell us that they are swimming in a sea of racism. I don’t know, they might be right. Maybe in their liberal world, racism is still an issue.

A case in point: a “reporter” for MTV named Ira Madison III was looking for a way to attack Jeff Sessions, so he tweeted:


Funny, wrong, offensive, and betraying a leftist racist mindset. Calling their opponents “racist” has been the most effective technique ever for the PC crew. It intimidated a generation of opponents out of the public sphere, but it’s losing its potency now.

The girl is, of course, Sessions’s granddaughter. Madison, a liberal, … subsequently deleted his tweet.