Russian Embassy in UK responds to sanctions by mocking Obama in a tweet

Russian Embassy in UK responds to sanctions by mocking Obama in a tweet, by Andrew Buncombe. Internet manners and tweeting to become the new norm in international diplomacy? The White House sanctioned Russia over election hacking, giving 35 diplomats 72 hours to the leave the US with their families over its alleged hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s computers to influence this year’s presidential election.

The Russian response … was fast, and in some cases, rather amusing.

As officials in Moscow said that US diplomats would be ordered to leave in a tit-for-tat response, the Russian Embassy used Twitter to make its point with little panache:

An interesting comment by vikings4123:

Obama is little more than a momma’s boy, pissant, neighborhood-protected child with a shield, based on pigmentation, that nobody chose to challenge. He can now squawk all he wants.  History and the world know the truth.  He was a self-serving impostor.

I wonder how much of Obama’s popularity is due to his color, and that nobody wants to appear “racist” for attacking him so nobody choose to attack him hard for his entire eight years. Or maybe not. A debatable point. The media of course made it very clear early on that any criticism of Obama was “racist” in their eyes. Also, Obama’s delivery of prepared lines to a camera is very good.

Trump responds to sanctions against Russia, says it’s time to ‘move on’.

Miranda Devine: Pauline Hanson + Cory Bernardi = Perfect Storm …

Miranda Devine: Pauline Hanson + Cory Bernardi = Perfect Storm …, by Miranda Devine.

Pauline Hanson, 2007

Popular One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson says she would be willing to join forces with maverick Liberal Cory Bernardi if he goes through with a suspected plan to quit in the new year and start his own conservative party.

In a stunning proposal that would send shockwaves through the Coalition, Hanson told me on 2GB radio on Monday that she would even consider ceding control of her party to Bernardi in order to lock in conservative voters disillusioned with the Coalition. …

Many of One Nation’s policies, especially its opposition to Islamic extremism, accord with views expressed by Bernardi, who was sacked from the Coalition front bench by Tony Abbott for making politically incorrect comments about same sex marriage and has remained in exile under Malcolm Turnbull.

Cory Bernadi

Bernardi has hinted at forming a breakaway party named the Australian Majority, possibly as soon as February. …

She says she had hoped that Clive Palmer or Bob Katter might have been able to galvanise conservative voters unhappy with the Liberal Party’s move to the left, but both had fallen short. …

A combined Hanson-Bernardi movement would be the perfect storm for the Coalition, giving disaffected conservatives a home away from home.

When Did Feminism Become So Anti-Motherhood?

When Did Feminism Become So Anti-Motherhood? by Joanna Hyatt.

Key architects of the movement like Gloria Steinam equated marriage to prostitution and Helen Gurley Brown, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, wrote in her book Sex and the Single Girl, “Hard work and sex will set you free (as long as you don’t have children).”

If you did happen to have or even want children, she had this nugget of advice, “Never waste time feeling guilt, never agonize too much, and have a lot of paid help at home, and never, ever, let them interfere with the long climb to the top.” …

When sex is stripped of its intimacy, or its possibility for future life, and becomes about what a person can get rather than give, it is no longer empowering or powerful. It has simply been reduced to another way of feeding our selfishness. Ironically, numerous studies cite that married, rather than single women, report having the best and most frequent sex. …

What started as a good — pushing for women to define themselves as women, and not merely by their relationships — has swung to the opposite extreme. Anything or anyone that makes demands on our time, our energy and our independence becomes a burden and a drain, rather than an opportunity.

As a result, today we have a brand of feminism that is only inclusive so far as you’re willing to sacrifice your children on the altar of individualism and professionalism.

Feminism was always predominately about good jobs for upper-middle class women.

Climateers Can’t Handle the Truth

Climateers Can’t Handle the Truth, by Holman Jenkins.

Donald Trump, our new president-elect, has been tagged for indiscriminately referring to climate change as a hoax.

Here’s what he actually said at a campaign rally in South Carolina one year ago about climate advocacy: “It’s a money-making industry, OK? It’s a hoax, a lot of it.

This statement, with its clearly framed qualifications, is true and accurate in every detail. It’s a statement of basic truth that can be embraced, and increasingly should be, by exactly those people most concerned about man-made climate change.

Yet it won’t be, for reasons demonstrated by the New York Times’ adoption of the term climate denialist, whose deliberately non-discriminating function we now take care to state precisely: It enables a kind of journalism that is unable — incapacitates itself — to stumble on truths that would be inconvenient to climate religion.

Drexel White Genocide Prof Won’t Apologize, Says ‘Violent Racists’ Smearing Him

Drexel White Genocide Prof Won’t Apologize, Says ‘Violent Racists’ Smearing Him, by Blake Neff.

A Drexel University professor who called for “white genocide” Christmas Eve isn’t apologizing, and instead says critics of his “satirical” remarks are “violent racists” who are apt to commit genocide themselves.

Drexel [tuition: $34,000 a year] is promising an investigation.

George Ciccariello-Maher got more than he bargained for with a tweet on Christmas Eve in which he said, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” Lest anybody misunderstand him, he followed up Christmas Day by stating that the massacre of white people in the Haitian Revolution was “a good thing indeed.”

Virtue signaler pushed it a tad too far, trying to stand out from the crowd on today’s US campuses.

Spanish festival celebrates the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims after 800 years

Spanish festival celebrates the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims after 800 years, by The Muslim Issue.

Countries invaded and occupied by Muslims never have any good memories from their days of history. It’s always the same theme: aggressive, violent Muslim invaders suddenly show up on their shores with thousands of jihadists. They fill their times with slave raids and slaughters, looting, and rape of women and children. Young and old are beheaded and ruled under barbarity and savagery, until eventually there is large battle for freedom.

Spain lived under the Muslim yolk for over 800 years until the Christian Crusaders forced them out. By that time the Muslims had scarred them both financially and psychologically, leaving only a shell of a country behind that has struggled to return to its past glory prior to the pillages and slaughters.

If you want to relive the Crusaders success over the barbaric Muslim invaders, Spain holds annual festivals on this happy occasion from history:

Certain towns in southern Spain hold an annual festival called “Moros y Cristianos” (“Moors and Christians”), which celebrates the Reconquista — the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula by Christian Spaniards from the Muslim colonizers who had invaded centuries earlier.


In some locales, at the climax of the festival, townspeople take a huge effigy of Mohammed and bring it to the top of a building, throw it down and crush it and burn it. The Mohammed figure, called La Mahoma, is usually bigger than life-size and in full costume.

Wikipedia: “The Reconquista is the period of history of the Iberian Peninsula spanning approximately 770 years between the Islamic conquest of Hispania in 710 and the fall of the last Islamic state in Iberia at Granada to the expanding Christian kingdoms in 1492.”

The Spanish and Portuguese who went to the New World immediately after that were battle-hardened veterans.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Debbie Reynolds Died Day After After Daughter Carrie Fisher’s Death

Debbie Reynolds Died Day After After Daughter Carrie Fisher’s Death, by Cavan Sieczkowski.

Debbie Reynolds died Wednesday at 84 years old at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, her son, Todd, confirmed to Variety.

“She wanted to be with Carrie,” he said.

Debbie Reynolds reportedly suffered a stroke on Wednesday, one day after the death of her daughter, actress and author Carrie Fisher. …

princess-leia carrie fisher

Fisher, who was famous for portraying Princess Leia Organa in the “Star Wars” franchise, died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack aboard an 11-hour flight from London to Los Angeles Friday.

How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party

How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party, by Daniel Greenfield.

It was 2004. … In his best lisping James Bond villain accent, Soros strode into the National Press Club and declared that he had “an important message to deliver to the American Public before the election” that was contained in a pamphlet and a book that he waved in front of the camera. Despite his “I expect you to die, Mr. Bond” voice, the international villain’s delivery was underwhelming. He couldn’t have sold brownies to potheads at four in the morning. He couldn’t even sell Bush-bashing to a roomful of left-wing reporters.


But he could certainly fund those who would. And that’s exactly what he did.

Money poured into the fringe organizations of the left like MoveOn, which had moved on from a petition site to a PAC. In 2004, Soros was its biggest donor. He didn’t manage to bring down Bush, but he helped buy the Democratic Party as a toy for his yowling dorm room of left-wing activists to play with. …

Next year the Democracy Alliance was born. A muddy river of cash from Soros and his pals flowed into the organizations of the left. …

The Democrats became a radical left-wing organization and unviable as a national political party. The Party of Jefferson had become the Party of Soros. …

Now, in 2016, the Democrats are further left and less popular:

Obama’s wins concealed the scale and scope of the disaster. Then the party woke up after Obama to realize that it had lost its old bases in the South and the Rust Belt. The left had hollowed it out and transformed it into a party of coastal urban elites, angry college crybullies and minority coalitions. …

And the Democrats don’t intend to change course. The way is being cleared for Keith Ellison, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus with an ugly racist past, to head the DNC. Pelosi will oversee the disaster in the House. And Obama will remain the party’s highest profile national figure.

Soros has marginalized the Democratic Party:

The left had recreated the Democrat Party and marginalized it. Much of this disaster had been funded with Soros money. …

George Soros saw America in terms of its centers of economic and political power. He didn’t care about the vast stretches of small towns and villages, of the more modest cities that he might fly over in his jet but never visit, and the people who lived in them. Like so many globalists who believe that borders shouldn’t exist because the luxury hotels and airports they pass through are interchangeable, the parts of America that mattered to him were in the glittering left-wing bubble inhabited by his fellow elitists.

Trump’s victory, like Brexit, came because the left had left the white working class behind. Its vision of the future as glamorous multicultural city states was overturned in a single night. …

Leftists used Soros money to focus on their own identity politics obsessions leaving the Dems with little ability to interact with white working class voters. …

Soros fed a political polarization while assuming, wrongly, that the centers of power mattered, and their outskirts did not. He was proven wrong in both the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. …

The left did not mourn the mass destruction of the moderates. Instead it celebrated the growing purity of the Democrats as a movement of the hard left. It did not notice or care that it was no longer a political force outside a limited number of cities. It anticipated that voters would have no choice but to choose it over the “extremist” Republicans.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The Neanderthal correlation

The Neanderthal correlation, by Jeff Hecht. This article is speculative fiction written by a journalist, not real science. But it is in the premier science journal Nature, in its “Futures” section. This is only about ideas that are part of the current Zeitgeist, but there are many hints pointing in this direction. It’s from 2008, but doesn’t seem to be contradicted so far.

The background: Neanderthals split off from humans in Africa about 700,000 years ago, and seem to have bred back into modern humans in Europe from about 50,000 to 30,000 years ago, before dying out about 30,000 years ago. Whilst separate from homo sapiens, they developed new genes, some of which got transferred to modern humans. About 1% to 4% of the genes of all modern humans, except those from Africa, are now thought to be of Neanderthal origin.


From the article, set as a fictional researcher Beth telling a manager what she has found:

“I found strong genetic correlations between Neanderthals and modern subpopulations,” she said. “A lot more than I had expected.” …

“There’s a gene cluster linked to advanced mathematics skills, information processing, logic, analytical intelligence, concentration skills, obsession–compulsion and Asperger’s syndrome. That cluster correlates very strongly.” …

“You said these were Neanderthal genes?”

“Yes, they were,” she said. “They weren’t in the modern human genome until Neanderthals interbred with Cro-Magnons between 25,000 and 30,000 years ago.”

“Advanced mathematical processing? Shouldn’t that have been missing from the Neanderthal genome?”

“No, I found that Neanderthals lacked genes linked to successful socialization and management skills. They could count perfectly well, but they couldn’t deal with groups. Socialization genes came from Sapiens”

“You’re trying to tell me …” I said, but my mental censor blocked the idea.

“That human mathematical intelligence came from Neanderthals? That’s what the data say. The Cro-Magnons had the social skills. But that isn’t all.”

Just speculation.


9 ISIS supporters arrested near D.C. seemed normal, middle-class

9 ISIS supporters arrested near D.C. seemed normal, middle-class, by Garth Kant.

It may have been shocking when nine people accused of supporting the Islamic State, or ISIS, were recently arrested in the posh suburbs of Northern Virginia, so close to Washington, D.C.

But it may be even more disturbing, upon closer inspection, that so many of them seemed so normal, not fitting what most Americans might consider the profile of a supporter of jihad.

For starters, one was named Heather Coffman. Another was Nicholas Young.

As the Washington Times reported: “They included a police officer, a Starbucks barista, Army soldiers, bankers and a cabdriver. Four of the nine graduated from Northern Virginia high schools, one with honors. Two attended Northern Virginia Community College.” …

One of the nation’s top Middle East experts, Clare Lopez, told WND, “These nine arrests highlight once again that Islam is not a race: it’s a global political system of societal control bound by law, Islamic Law, with some associated religious practices, that is achieved by conquest and maintained by force, not by consent of the governed.” …

She further observed, “Nor is devotion to Islam limited to those of less education, lower economic status, or lack of opportunity. In fact, quite the opposite is often true, as with these would-be jihadis for the Islamic State.”

When potential Islamic terrorists have names that don’t seem Islamic, are well-educated, have careers and seem typically middle-class, how is the average American supposed to spot the jihadi next door?

Why? The article quotes former Department of Homeland Security intelligence analyst Philip Haney:

“It’s not jihad they are attracted to, per se,” he said. “Jihad is only a tactic. So what is the tactic for? What is the purpose of it all? What is the purpose of ISIS? What is the purpose of the Muslim Students Association? What is the purpose of the mosque? In that sense, it’s the same for all: promotion of sharia law.”

Haney called sharia law “the gravitational force of the entire global Islamic community.”

Haney noted one thing not mentioned in the report was the nationality or immigration status of the suspects.

hat-tip Stephen Neil