Celebrating NYE means devil is working on you: Sydney sheik

Celebrating NYE means devil is working on you: Sydney sheik, by Geoff Chambers.

Sydney sheik Feiz Mohammed has warned Muslims they should avoid festive celebrations — including New Year’s Eve and Christmas — and has attacked women’s rights groups, telling ­Islamic women to wear hijabs.

Sheik Feiz, who has a large online following with almost two million YouTube views, described non-Islamic festivals as leading to a path away from Allah.

“Any festivity or celebration built on other than Islam is a negative, prohibited festivity. We are not allowed to anticipate, participate, in any shape, manner or form,” he told supporters earlier this month. “When we finish our prayers, many Muslims you see them preparing themselves for their celebrations to come … what are we going to do for New Year’s Eve tonight? Where are we going to go? Who are we going to watch? Where’s the best fireworks at?” …

The preacher, who speaks at Liverpool and Auburn Islamic centres in Sydney’s southwest and west,  … said Muslims who celebrate non-Islamic festivities were “deaf, dumb and blind” for failing to stay true to Islamic teachings.

Does he sound like someone who intends to become an Australian like the rest of us, or more like someone with a superiority complex who intends for Islam to colonize Australia? Does he improve the lives of current Australians, or might he rather see our great grandchildren dragged into the culture of seventh century Arabia?

Chances of seeing this reported on the ABC? Very low, and only if they can think of a way to put a positive spin on it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil