Russian Embassy in UK responds to sanctions by mocking Obama in a tweet

Russian Embassy in UK responds to sanctions by mocking Obama in a tweet, by Andrew Buncombe. Internet manners and tweeting to become the new norm in international diplomacy? The White House sanctioned Russia over election hacking, giving 35 diplomats 72 hours to the leave the US with their families over its alleged hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s computers to influence this year’s presidential election.

The Russian response … was fast, and in some cases, rather amusing.

As officials in Moscow said that US diplomats would be ordered to leave in a tit-for-tat response, the Russian Embassy used Twitter to make its point with little panache:

An interesting comment by vikings4123:

Obama is little more than a momma’s boy, pissant, neighborhood-protected child with a shield, based on pigmentation, that nobody chose to challenge. He can now squawk all he wants.  History and the world know the truth.  He was a self-serving impostor.

I wonder how much of Obama’s popularity is due to his color, and that nobody wants to appear “racist” for attacking him so nobody choose to attack him hard for his entire eight years. Or maybe not. A debatable point. The media of course made it very clear early on that any criticism of Obama was “racist” in their eyes. Also, Obama’s delivery of prepared lines to a camera is very good.

Trump responds to sanctions against Russia, says it’s time to ‘move on’.