Is it Time to Burn Universities to the Ground?

Is it Time to Burn Universities to the Ground? by Al Fin.

Universities have spent the past 55 years purging moderates, rightists, and libertarians from faculty and staff. The end result is a university system that cheats students of the opportunity to learn to consider a variety of well-considered points of view. Instead of teaching students to think for themselves, modern universities are indoctrinating students into “what to think” and how to think exclusively in politically correct terms. This approach has crippled the minds of generations while putting many students in lifetime debt — and will continue down this ruinous path unless something drastic is done to reverse course.

What should be done to these monotonic mind-cripplers of entire generations of youth, who infest universities, government bureaucracies, foundations dealing with educational issues, and the media apparatus that provides a constant flow of propaganda in support of the politically correct catastrophe?

My impression is that the university system is more corrupt and universities more expensive in the US than Australia, but it’s only a matter of degree (cough) and time.

In the longer term, the Internet might change everything. Most courses can be substantially done online, so why not do them with the world’s best rather than the local university?