Spanish festival celebrates the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims after 800 years

Spanish festival celebrates the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims after 800 years, by The Muslim Issue.

Countries invaded and occupied by Muslims never have any good memories from their days of history. It’s always the same theme: aggressive, violent Muslim invaders suddenly show up on their shores with thousands of jihadists. They fill their times with slave raids and slaughters, looting, and rape of women and children. Young and old are beheaded and ruled under barbarity and savagery, until eventually there is large battle for freedom.

Spain lived under the Muslim yolk for over 800 years until the Christian Crusaders forced them out. By that time the Muslims had scarred them both financially and psychologically, leaving only a shell of a country behind that has struggled to return to its past glory prior to the pillages and slaughters.

If you want to relive the Crusaders success over the barbaric Muslim invaders, Spain holds annual festivals on this happy occasion from history:

Certain towns in southern Spain hold an annual festival called “Moros y Cristianos” (“Moors and Christians”), which celebrates the Reconquista — the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula by Christian Spaniards from the Muslim colonizers who had invaded centuries earlier.


In some locales, at the climax of the festival, townspeople take a huge effigy of Mohammed and bring it to the top of a building, throw it down and crush it and burn it. The Mohammed figure, called La Mahoma, is usually bigger than life-size and in full costume.

Wikipedia: “The Reconquista is the period of history of the Iberian Peninsula spanning approximately 770 years between the Islamic conquest of Hispania in 710 and the fall of the last Islamic state in Iberia at Granada to the expanding Christian kingdoms in 1492.”

The Spanish and Portuguese who went to the New World immediately after that were battle-hardened veterans.

hat-tip Stephen Neil