Real people are being hurt by the left’s New Witch Hunt, and they don’t care

Real people are being hurt by the left’s New Witch Hunt, and they don’t care, by Jonathon Van Maren.

In Eberstadt’s view, there were two main events in recent history that weakened the standing of religion in society: The Catholic priest child abuse scandals and subsequent cover-ups, which dramatically decreased people’s trust in “organized religion,” and 9/11, which made many people feel as if religion was a dangerous and toxic set of beliefs that could, after all, inspire men to fly planes into buildings. …

The New Atheists, with no sense of irony, began a moral panic: “Religion poisons everything”….

This segued nicely into the ongoing demonization of Christians by the sexual revolutionaries. Christians were “homophobes,” “transphobes,” “bigots,” and “haters.” Consider for a moment, Eberstadt pleads with the reader, just how repulsive and ugly it is that millions of people are being convicted by smear campaigns of being hateful without evidence — their Christian beliefs alone are the only proof necessary to prove that they have hate in their heart. …

Eberstadt lays out, in careful detail, the absurd but stunning parallels between the ongoing stigmatization of Christians and the witch-hunts of 1600s Massachusetts. Secular progressivism, she reiterates, is a form of religion — and it sees the Christian view of sexuality as an original sin. ..

Religion may have little to do with it. It’s a power play by the new global elite to weaken any institutions that stand in their way and offer any resistance, such as Christians, families, whites, etc etc. The global elite are moving towards absolute power over everyone, for the first time in history. The ostensible issues — even sexual ones — are probably just means to this end.

Some may find the word “persecution” to be too strong a word to use in describing what is going on today in the West, and Eberstadt recognizes that. She does, however, detail very carefully the type of targeting that is going on: People losing their jobs, losing their businesses, being ostracized in social settings, refused admittance to universities, and finding their right to educate their own children under attack.

Secular progressives are even targeting home-schooling while insinuating that Christian parents are a danger to their own children by virtue of the beliefs they teach. This fundamental right — the right of parents to pass their beliefs on to their children — is where most Christians, even those who simply wish to be left in peace, will finally draw the line and join the culture war.

Additionally, Eberstadt lays out the horrors of real, physical persecution that are being inflicted on Christians in Iraq—and asks, pointedly, why our secular progressive leaders do not seem to care. …

hat-tip Stephen Neil