Coming soon: Cory Bernardi’s Australian Majority

Coming soon: Cory Bernardi’s Australian Majority, by Sarah Martin.

Firebrand conservative senator Cory Bernardi has set up a new political group called “Australian Majority” with a new website and logo prepared for release in the new year, The Weekend Australian can reveal.

The new website is linked to the senator’s existing Australian Conservative website, and has been uncovered in the internet source code shared between the two pages.

News of the website, which includes the tagline “coming soon”, will further fuel Liberal concerns that the outspoken conservative senator is set to formally split from the party in the new year to spearhead a new conservative force. …

There is some new software involved:

In further signs the Australian Majority group may be poised to become a political party, the website uses software popular with formal election campaigning — including the Brexit and Trump movements — called NationBuilder.

Nationbuilder is a “membership management platform is geared more towards attracting people to engage with your cause rather than administering them as a group. The original focus of the firm’s marketing efforts was towards non-profits and political campaigns, but they are now reaching out to musicians and artists as well as restaurants and anyone trying to generate an online following.”

NationBuilder say: “Unlike any other solution, the NationBuilder platform is fully-integrated with every tool and functionality you need to lead–no separate website, database, email, social media marketing, separate event software, nothing. And that isn’t just convenient. It’s the difference between retaining your supporters and losing them. And for many of our customers, it’s the difference between winning and losing. … NationBuilder is the world’s first leadership software.”

nationbuilder software

Good bit of digital sleuthing by The Australian. Obviously if Bernardi is using this then it’s all on, he’s aiming for the top.

hat-tip Stephen Neil