Hacking Up Bloodlust

Hacking Up Bloodlust, by David Cole. About all those allegations of Russian hacking the election:

One little trick I’ve noticed in the headlines and introductory sentences (the ones that show up in thumbnails on Facebook) attached to many of these stories is that some journos appear to be purposely muddying the waters regarding exactly what the “hack” actually was. We are told again and again that “Russia hacked the election” (this is also often presented to us in question form—a favorite technique of “upright” journos that allows them to state a dubious premise without sounding like they’re advocating it: “Did Russia hack the election?”).

“Hacking the election” calls to mind an actual hacking of an election, as in, corrupted or hacked voting machines, a wildly popular conspiracy theory among Dems right now. Of course, no, that’s not what’s being debated here. The “hack” involved stolen DNC/Clinton/Podesta emails, not rigged or manipulated voting machines.

The voting machines are not connected to the Internet, and no one is even alleging that the Russians hacked them. The hacking allegations are of course a distraction from the contents of the emails:

In all the hubbub surrounding the hacking affair, this is the one point that really needs to be made clear: The hacking involved nothing more than the American public being allowed to see what Hillary and her people were talking about in secret. One can say that the hacking cost Clinton the election, but a far more accurate phrasing would be that Clinton and her team’s own words cost Clinton the election. Eight years ago, Obama promised “the most transparent administration in history.” Leave it to Hillary Clinton to inadvertently deliver on one of Obama’s many unfulfilled pledges.

The “fake news torrent” turns out to be a trickle, and from anti-Trump forces!

Apart from the hacked emails, the other aspect of the claim that Russia influenced the election has to do with Russia being behind the social-media “false news” torrent that Dems are also blaming for Hillary’s defeat. This is downright stupid. The MSM has, as of now, tracked down three of the key players who purposely spread phony and intentionally outrageous anti-Hillary stories, and each one of them has admitted that they spread the false stories in an attempt to hurt Trump by making him and his supporters look foolish (see here, here, and here).

Let that sink in. Anti-Trumpers were behind the false news flood, not pro-Trumpers. It was a pro-Hillary gambit that failed, not a coordinated attack by a foreign government.