MTV’s “White Guy Resolutions 2017” Might Just Earn Trump a Second Term

MTV’s “White Guy Resolutions 2017” Might Just Earn Trump a Second Term, by Nick Gillespie.

MTV — which famously took years to feature black musicians on its regular programming — has come full circle since its launch in 1981.

It has released a short video titled “2017 Resolutions for White Guys.” Among the suggestions…: “Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy”; “Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing”; … “learn what ‘mansplaining’ is, then stop doing it”; “just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist” …

Not that treating “white guys” differently from everyone else isn’t racist or sexist, as well as discriminatory. Ahem, hypocrites.

This is a remarkable document not so much because of the individual “resolutions” but of the source — one of those nefarious multinational corporations that specifically tries to sell fake coolness and hipness to youngsters that progressives are always railing about — and the tin-ear quality of its overall effect.

Whole swaths of corporate America — especially in the entertainment industry — seem utterly convinced that their audiences are irredeemably stupid, racist, homophobic, and beneath contempt. All this, despite massive strides toward equality under the law and growing comfort with all sorts of ethnic, racial, sexual, and lifestyle diversity. …

The MTV vid goes beyond mere virtue-signaling into uncharted territory of contempt and spite that works to undermine all feelings of common cause that might actually make for an even more-open and tolerant United States. In this, it rivals the sort of remonstrations emanating from the pages of another hugely powerful corporate entity, The New York Times. …

We should start by recognizing that the 2016 election, in dethroning two dynasties (the Clintons and the Bushes) that have smothered American politics for the past 30 years like a smallpox blanket are done and there are new and wild possiblities for a 21st century based on individualism, personalization, and permissionless everything.

Good that lefties never rest on their laurels, but keep trying to be holier than thou and getting ever more extreme. Keeps normal people from following them. Here’s a good example:

Lena Dunham: ‘I wish’ I had had an abortion, despite never having one.

The celebrity feminist is no stranger to controversy, but her claim on an episode of her podcast, Women of the Hour, that she was concerned about the “stigma around this issue” and wishes she had undergone the procedure, drew ire.

Gone from “it’s compassionate to allow abortion in some extreme cases” to “I want one to feel solidarity” in 40 years. It’s competitive signalling that you are more leftist than the others. Aren’t these people familiar with the classic case of the French Revolution, where the left ended up killing its own for being insufficiently leftist … until even the dictator Napoleon was a welcome relief?

New theory: Lena Dunham is a secret social conservative engaging in a years-long piece of “subversive performance art”. I wish.

hat-tip Matthew