Berlin terror attack: Islamic State claim responsibility as police launch new manhunt for armed gunman

Berlin terror attack: Islamic State claim responsibility as police launch new manhunt for armed gunman, by Justin Haggler. Previous coverage here.

An intense manhunt was underway on Tuesday night for the perpetrator of the Berlin terror attack, as police warned he was still at large and could be armed and dangerous.

Islamic State … claimed responsibility for the attack in which a lorry ploughed through a crowded Christmas market in the heart of the city, leaving 12 dead and 49 wounded. … The group has previously called on supporters to use truck attacks to target civilians in Europe.

The claim came less than two hours after the sole suspect in the case was released without charge as police admitted they had arrested the wrong man. …

A gun used to kill the Polish driver of the hijacked lorry is still missing, and it is feared the perpetrator may be armed. …

They bring us their culture.

Wilders: Merkel has blood on her hands after Berlin, by FoxNews.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Tuesday tweeted a provocative, bloody image of the person he blamed for the carnage: German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

They hate and kill us. And nobody protects us. Our leaders betray us. We need a political revolution. And defend our people. #BerlinAttack,” Wilders tweeted early Tuesday.

Merkel was named Time magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year, largely due to her acceptance of nearly a million mostly Muslim asylum seekers. But even though Merkel eventually shut off that spigot of Syrian refugees, terror attacks – both planned and executed – and sexual assaults in Germany have been traced back to the migrants.

Trump on Berlin attack: “Islamic terrorists continuously slaughter Christians…as part of their global jihad”, by Robert Spencer.

Trump also tweeted: “Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!” …

Imagine: the incoming President of the United States referred to “the global jihad.” Could reality actually be breaking through?

Berlin truck attack: Germany’s far-right blames Merkel’s open door policy, by Charles Bremmer.

Germany’s anti-immigrant party led a populist chorus from around Europe yesterday in pinning the blame for the Berlin lorry attack on the policies of Angela Merkel. …

“The milieu in which such acts can flourish has been negligently and systematically imported over the past year and a half,” Frauke Petry, the party’s co-leader, said.

Marcus Pretzell, a senior AfD MEP, tweeted: “When will the German state of law strike back? When will this cursed hypocrisy finally stop? These are Merkel’s dead!”

He accused the German media of refusing to report the massacre as an act of terrorism.

Ms Petry, whose party has attracted widespread support since it turned two years ago from fighting the euro to opposing immigration, accused Mrs Merkel and the German establishment of shirking their duty to tell the country that Germany was no longer safe from jihadist terrorists. She demanded “control over our territory, no ifs and buts”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil