Trump Versus The Green Blob: The Battle That Will Define His Presidency

Trump Versus The Green Blob: The Battle That Will Define His Presidency, by James Delingpole.

After a recent trip to D.C. for some private briefings, both with his transition teams and with key members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I came away more confident than ever that Trump has what it takes—especially when it comes to dealing with arguably the most dangerous menace of our time: the massively corrupt, overblown, expensive, misanthropic, bullying, insidious, ugly, mendacious and hideously destructive environmental industry — aka The Green Blob.

Sure there are other geopolitical threats out there—from ISIS, Iran and the crumbling EU to a muscle-flexing Russia and an increasingly arrogant China—but there’s probably none which has quite so big an impact on ordinary peoples’ daily lives, on their economic and social wellbeing, and on their children’s future as the Green Blob. …

This insanity has been allowed to prevail, largely unchecked, for over four decades. While enriching a corrupt few, it has caused misery to billions. It costs the global economy at least $1.5 trillion every year in “decarbonisation” expenditure which serves no purpose other than to give virtue-signallers a warm glow of self-righteous satisfaction.

And no major politician, anywhere in the world, has had either the courage or the conviction to deal with it.

Until now.

Had Hillary won the Green Blob would have become so entrenched and powerful as to become almost indestructible.

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