Trump builds team of bosses to shake up Washington

Trump builds team of bosses to shake up Washington, by Reuters. Reuters are a mainstream PC news agency, so they push the left’s identity politics — the first things they mention are race and sex, not say competence and experience. What’s the opposite to race-blind? Race-sensitive perhaps? Maybe merit-blind?

With more than 20 nominees now selected, Donald Trump’s cabinet appears much like the president-elect himself: mostly older, white males, many of them wealthy, who see themselves as risk-takers and deal-makers and prize action over deliberation.

Otherwise, Reuters paints an interesting picture of Trump’s picks:

Trump, who says Washington is “broken” and controlled by special interests, has largely eschewed technocrats with long government experience. Instead, he has built a team of bosses.

Trump’s roster of agency heads and advisers conspicuously lacks intellectuals, lawyers, and academics of the sort sought by some past presidents. In their place are titans of business and finance from the likes of Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs and no fewer than three retired generals in key positions.

Many of them are people used to getting their way but will now have a boss to answer to – Trump – while navigating the sometimes frustrating and sprawling bureaucracy of the U.S. government. The incoming Trump administration is poised to undo as much of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments as possible, while also attempting to advance a conservative policy agenda in areas such as taxes and healthcare. …

Like the real-estate magnate who chose them, several have no government experience. Others have been hostile toward the agencies they will lead if the U.S. Senate confirms them early next year.

Julian Zelizer, a presidential historian at Princeton University, said Trump is building a cabinet in his own image: blunt-talkers with real-world experience.

“Surrounding yourself with military guys and money guys sends a certain message,” Zelizer said. “A certain kind of cutthroat aggressive dealmaker is how [Trump] imagines himself to be.”

This is the future under PC?  Obsessed with race?

Of the 21 cabinet members and White House advisers chosen to date by Trump, 16 are white men. There are four women, none of whom hold what might be considered a top-tier agency post. There is one African-American, one Asian-American and one Indian-American. There are no Hispanics.

The left’s electoral strategy is to build a coalition of the fringes, identity groups united (only) by dislike of white men. So much of the media is implicitly pushing this agenda, working it constantly to remind and to prod. Meanwhile the left and the media prevent with outrage any examination of the statistical differences between sexes (which are too obvious for even the PC to ignore entirely) or (God forbid!) races — so the only explanation acceptable in public is a vague and unverifiable “privilege”.