Jihad Pays. It’s a Giant Racket. How Trump Actually Could Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Eventually.

Jihad Pays.  It’s a Giant Racket. How Trump Actually Could Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Eventually. By Roger L. Simon.

Conventional wisdom was to reward the Palestinians — largely financially, but also diplomatically — for their “cooperation” and thereby induce them to come to an accommodation with Israel that would result in the vaunted two-state solution.

It never worked. Bill Clinton details in his book how he offered Yasser Arafat what Clinton thought was a “great deal” for a Palestinian state from Israeli PM Ehud Barak only to have the Palestinian leader call Bill a “good man” and walk out on him. …

The money, as always, was the important part. It’s almost impossible to calculate the total payments over the years to the Palestinians because of the multiplicity of sources (American, European, Japanese, Russian, Iranian, Saudi, Gulf States, foundations, NGOs etc.), over and under the table, but it’s in the many, many billions.

Where has it gone? Mostly to the advancement of terrorism and the enrichment of the Palestinian leaders. Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh estimates the net worth of eleven-year Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas in excess of one hundred million dollars. His predecessor, … Mr. Arafat, was, like Fidel Castro, a billionaire. But the PA characters are pikers compared to the despicable Hamas terror masters, a number of whom are billionaires several times over.


Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism and the inventor of hijacking civilian airliners, died peacefully a billionaire at age 75.

Who loses, apart from Western taxpayers?

The real disaster has been for the Palestinian people, whatever their debated provenance. Their lives — and, more importantly, their children’s lives — have been constantly destroyed by this sick (there is no other word) collaboration between their villainous leaders and the supposedly liberal, do-gooders of the West.  The West has been the Palestinian leaderships’ enablers and their citizens’ infantilizers.

Trump could change it.

Trump can begin to change this by completely altering the flow of money, cutting out that leadership entirely and permanently, not even talking to them ever. If money is sent—and if it is, it should be a lot less—it must go directly to places of genuine need, like hospitals, in the most scrupulous manner possible.  These payments should not be controlled in any way by such corrupt organizations as the UN or most NGOs.

Whatever you subsidize, you get more of. Make terrorist and jihad leaders into billionaires and you get more of them — so let’s do the opposite.