Dropbox Photo Fail Shows How Not to Celebrate Diversity

Dropbox Photo Fail Shows How Not to Celebrate Diversity, by Salvador Rodriguez.

On Wednesday [tech company Dropbox] released its latest diversity report, showing across the board gains for women, blacks, and Hispanics. That’s a big win for Dropbox, which one year ago was put to shame after Angelica Coleman, an African American woman, spoke out over the obstacles she faced due to her gender and race while working at the company.

Despite this progress, Dropbox still drew the ire of the tech diversity community. That’s because of the picture the company chose to promote its report.

Though the photo includes CEO Drew Houston surrounded by both men and women, there is not a single person in the image with obviously darker-colored skin.

Not that anyone is racist or anything, but oh no! Major faux pas in the modern McCarthyist West.

About five hours after Dropbox sent out its report, the company clarified that the picture includes Dropbox Co-founder Arash Ferdowsi who is Iranian, Head of People Arden Hoffman who is lesbian and Lin-Hua Wu, a vice president of communications, who is Asian. …

The response on Twitter to the picture has been swift. One person told Dropbox they should fire their marketing team. Another person said “all looks pretty light skinned.” One user simply replied with a photo showing six different bottles of mayonnaise.

Do I detect a strong anti-white-male prejudice from people who pride themselves on not discriminating and who call other people racist and sexist? Madness. Meritocracy died, replaced by PC.

UPDATE: Check out the charts and pressure on them to hire by race not by smarts.

UPDATE: Facebook Blames Lack of Available Talent for Diversity Problem. At least Facebook are more honest.

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