Donald Trump Picks Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Energy Secretary

Donald Trump Picks Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as Energy Secretary, by Amy Harder.

Mr. Perry, a former rival of Mr. Trump in the Republican primary, once advocated for eliminating the agency. …

[Mr Perry is] climate-change skeptic who led the nation’s biggest energy-producing state for nearly 15 years.

If confirmed by the Senate, Mr. Perry would add a steadfast conservative politician to Mr. Trump’s cabinet and would lead a sprawling agency that safeguards the country’s nuclear arsenal and directs federal research on energy technologies. …


Mr. Perry’s position on climate change could face renewed scrutiny in light of a memo sent recently by Mr. Trump’s transition team to Energy Department officials. Among other things, the memo asked which staffers have participated in meetings on climate change, raising concerns among some environmental groups that it foretells a shift in the department’s funding and a hunt for staffers who worked on climate change.

Well that would make a change. The hunt for the last two decades has been for “deniers”, with the sacking or sidelining of numerous climate skeptics. As a result, all the relevant government positions throughout the west are now filled by believers in the carbon dioxide theory.