Action man Donald Trump shows the way to Australia’s Coalition

Action man Donald Trump shows the way to Australia’s Coalition, by Grace Collier.

On Wednesday, The Australian printed a column from The Wall Street Journal by Gerald F. Seib. He says: “If President Barack Obama sought to usher America into a post-racial era, it is increasingly apparent Donald Trump is opening the door to the post-ideological era. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to identify a clear ideological bent in the president-elect’s moves. It’s probably a mistake to try, because the definitions of Left and Right, liberal and conservative, are being scrambled right before our eyes.”

Seib quoted Trump campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio as saying the president-elect could not be viewed through traditional “ideological lenses”: “Donald Trump is post-ideological. His movement transcends ideology in a lot of respects.”

Here lies the destination where anyone who wants to win our next election needs to head. It is time that politicians, political nerds and media commentators woke up to this fact — Trump has proved one thing, the traditional Left-Right political paradigm is of no interest to the vast majority of people. …

If the Coalition wants to win the next election, it will need to cast aside its Left-Right thinking, change its language, step out of its comfort zone and speak to people who don’t traditionally vote for it. It will have to remake the Coalition brand as dramatically as Trump has remade the Republican Party. Failure to do so will result in catastrophic consequences.