The Left want high Immigration but not what comes with it

The Left want high Immigration but not what comes with it, by Jaymez.

Dick Smith created a stir recently when he said he agreed with One Nation’s Pauline Hansen, and her stand to reduce immigration to Australia.

The ‘Left’s’ popular Waleed Aly decided to invite Smith onto ‘The Project’ to convince him he was needlessly worrying about the rate of immigration and in fact Australia needed this high rate of immigration to support retirees. Dick Smith instead gave Waleed Aly a lesson in basic economics.

The fact is most people on the Left claim to support high immigration. It is part of their virtue signalling, demonstrating they are the nice caring people. But the fact is, when it comes to anything needed to support the increasing population, they are the first to object. That includes high density housing infill in the suburbs, road, rail, port and airport development, and perhaps most of all access to electricity for households and businesses which is both affordable and reliable.

Australia’s rate of net immigration is higher than any other OECD country in the world, and most other countries as well. ….

For the sake of argument let’s say the Australian population totalled 500,000 before European settlement in 1788. The population 228 years later is 24,000,000. That represents an average net rate of growth from births, deaths, immigration and emigration of 1.7% pa.

People like Waleed Aly who are plumbing for more immigration and pretend we could cope with a population growth of 3.0% pa. At that rate it would take only about half the time since European settlement, to reach a population of 1 Billion people in Australia. That is just 126 years to reach 42 times more people in Australia than we have today.

Not going to happen Aly.