The Empire Strikes Back: The MSM’s 3-Point Plan to Recapture the Narrative

The Empire Strikes Back: The MSM’s 3-Point Plan to Recapture the Narrative, by James Kirkpatrick.


For most of human history, power was rooted in possession of land. After the Industrial Revolution, power lay in controlling in the means of production. But today, the main source of power is control of information.

Having the power to control information gives you the ability to determine what issues will be discussed, what viewpoints are considered legitimate, and who is allowed to participate in polite society. It ultimately allows you to push an entire code of morality on others. …

The 2016 election was ultimately a battle between the commanding heights of media (newspapers, networks, and web portals) and what we could call the guerillas of media (/pol, forums, hackers, right wing trolls, and independent media outlets like us). The latter lacked power on their own, but they united behind Donald Trump, a man whose brand was so well-established that the Establishment couldn’t ignore him. It was Fourth Generation Warfare — this time over information.

Stung by their loss to Trump, the empire is striking back:

From day one, the MSM tried to destroy Donald Trump, including his business empire, because of his stated views on immigration.

Since that failed, they have started turning on his supporters with three tactics.

First, a blatant attempt to pathologize dissent — especially the Alt Right. …

Secondly, a meme has been invented about so-called “Fake News,” which will be used to shut down dissident media outlets. …

Thirdly, the Trump victory is clearly leading to increased attempts at outright repression. … This is the goal of most “journalism” today — to get someone fired or to get someone to disavow someone. … And this repression only goes one way. … If you wouldn’t invite some communist demonstrator into your meeting, why would you invite an MSM journalist? They have the same beliefs, the same motivations, and increasingly, they rely on the same tactics. …

Nationalize Twitter?

For his own sake, to defend his own Administration, Trump has to delegitimize the MSM, just as he did during the campaign. He should continue to use his Twitter account and speak straight to the people. He should not hold press conferences with national MSM and speak only to local reporters before holding rallies. If Twitter bans him, as Leftists are urging, he should nationalize it as a utility and make it a free speech zone.

And Trump’s supporters need to act the same way. Stop giving reporters access. Stop pretending you can play the MSM for your own benefit. Stop acting like these people are anything other than hostile political activists whose only interest in life is to make yours worse.

Amen. Certainly happened to Joanne and me — see here for details.