Carpe Diem, Mr. Trump!

Carpe Diem, Mr. Trump! by Tom Piatek.

I also heard many people agreeing that, far from being the only Republican who could lose to Hillary — a staple of Never Trump propaganda before November 8 — Trump was likely the only Republican running who could have beaten Hillary, and that Republicans hoping to win national elections in the future will need to appeal to the voters that Trump won by advocating policies similar to the ones he championed. It is possible that some of Trump’s GOP rivals would also have carried Ohio and Florida, but it is difficult to see how any of them would also have been able to win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the states that propelled Trump to victory.

Recognition of these political realities began appearing last week … “Trump has converted the GOP into a populist, America First party” and … “Republicans must prioritize delivering jobs and economic development to the . . . industrial Midwest.” …

It is all to the good that Trump believes that American manufacturing jobs should stay in America and that he is willing to support this belief by phoning CEOs contemplating sending American jobs overseas.

hat-tip Stephen Neil