Wife of a convicted terror recruiter refuses to stand for judge in court

Wife of a convicted terror recruiter refuses to stand for judge in court, by Sam Buckingham-Jones.

Moutia Elzahed, the wife of convicted terrorist recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi, has been called out by a judge for refusing to stand in court.

Days after the same NSW District Court judge ruled Ms Elzahed could not give evidence while wearing a full-face covering niqab, Judge Audrey Bella today warned the mother-of-two she could face legal action for “each occasion” she does not stand as a judge enters the courtroom. …

“It’s due to religious belief, Your Honour. She’s a Muslim, Your Honour, a strict Muslim,” he said. “According to my instructions she won’t stand for anyone except Allah, which I’m not particularly happy with Your Honour.”

Cultural incompatibility and not attempting to fit in, let alone assimilate. Perhaps she is more of the procreate and conquer variety?

Ms Elzahed is suing the Commonwealth and NSW for damages after an alleged assault in a counter-terrorism raid on her home in the southwest Sydney suburb of Revesby in September 2014. She is joined in the lawsuit by her husband Hamdi Alqudsi and sons Hamza George, 17, and Abdulla George, 17.

Since the raid Alqudsi has been convicted of helping seven men travel to Syria to fight with Islamist rebels.

Awesome. Do any of these people have jobs or otherwise contribute to the well-being of other Australians?