Republican establishment about face: “Time for Honest Talk about Muslim Immigration.”

Republican establishment about face: “Time for Honest Talk about Muslim Immigration,” by Robert Spencer.

The tired, pusillanimous, cowardly “conservative” establishment, late to the party as always, as always leading from behind …

Republican-establishment magazine National Review has switched from criticizing Trump for “racial and religious scapegoating” before the election, to now saying “Some immigrants from jihad zones will be involved in murdering Americans. Is this an acceptable price for compassion?” in “It’s Time for Honest Talk about Muslim Immigration” after the election.

Two men at Scottish mosques, linked to banned Islamic group

Here is Robert Spencer saying “Stop” (Stealth Jihad, Regnery Publishing, October 28, 2008, pages 278-279):

End Muslim immigration to the United States.

This is a simple matter of national security. Immigration policy must work toward the integration of all immigrants, and the all-encompassing societal program of sharia makes the integration of pious Muslims ultimately impossible.

While there are undoubtedly millions of Muslims who have no interest in jihad either by violence or stealth, no Islamic authorities anywhere in the world have declared heretical or in any way unacceptable the idea that non-Muslims must be fought against by various means and subjugated under the rule of Islamic law. Unless and until that begins to happen, no one can be sure of the sentiments of any individual believer. Consequently, simply to protect ourselves, there should be an end to Muslim immigration, combined with a clear notice to Muslims in the United States that any action on behalf of sharia supremacism is unacceptable.

But ending Muslim immigration to America must be considered a long-term goal, since such a measure is impossible in today’s political climate. The proposal would inevitably be denounced as ‘racist,’ despite the fact that jihadist supremacism is not a race. But at the very least, immigration officials should immediately adopt a program to screen Muslims entering the United States for jihadist sentiments. This will provide grounds for deportation if an entrant renounces some aspect of sharia supremacism on his immigration application and then works for it once in the country.

hat-tip Stephen Neil