Limbaugh Explains Why Trump’s ‘Thank You’ Speech Has the Left ‘Wetting the Bed’

Limbaugh Explains Why Trump’s ‘Thank You’ Speech Has the Left ‘Wetting the Bed’, by James Barrett.

The [Cincinnati ] speech has the Left “wetting the bed,” said Limbaugh, not just because Trump was able to so strongly connect with his audience but because it took aim at liberals’ most effective and destructive tactic: “division.”

Encapsulating the entire speech:

TRUMP:  For too long Washington has tried to put us in boxes. They separate us by race, by age, by income, by geography, by place of birth. We spend too much time focusing on what divides us. Now is the time to embrace the one thing that truly unites us.  You know what that is? America! (Crowd cheers loudly.) America. It’s America.  (More cheers.)

Because when America is unified, nothing is beyond our reach.  There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag. (Crowd chants “USA! USA!”) From now on, it’s going to be America first, okay?  America first. We’re gonna put ourselves first.

Barrett again:

This is the part of the speech that really has the Left scared out of their minds, suggested Limbaugh. Despite not being ideologically conservative, Trump’s honest observation of how the political and economic world operates has led him to a profound truth, the most sinister aspect of American liberalism: it seeks to divide people by race, class, gender, sexuality, and then make all those segmented groups into “victims”:

LIMBAUGH: Trump sees, yeah, “Washington is trying to…” Well, who’s actually been doing it?  In my view, that’s what liberalism does.  Liberalism divides and puts people into groups and makes victims out of as many people as it can.  African-Americans Hispanics, gays, lesbians, transgenders. You name it, there’s a group.  Liberalism does not see us as one people.  They see us as a collection of aggrieved minority groups.  The only group that they see that is considered a majority is white Christians, and they do not like them. So all of these other groups get added together to try to outnumber white Christians or white males or what have you.

The true purpose for this division and assigned victimhood, explained Limbaugh, is to create “dependency” — people stripped of agency and hope, who believe their only salvation is the big government.

The purpose of the divisiveness is to build an electoral majority out of a coalition of the incompatible fringes, whose salvation lies in bigger government — taking more from the producers in society — and hating on white guys. Using government to take more stuff from the white guys and give it to the voters in the fringes.

LIMBAUGH: We see everybody as American, we see everybody as human, and we see everybody with potential and desire. There are different degrees of both, but we see people yearning to be free. We want as much freedom and liberty for people as possible. … The left in this country is not interested in unity. They profit from the division. They profit, politically, by being elected. They profit from victimization of people. The left cannot, in its heart, desire unity. Unity would kill them off. Unity would end the need for liberalism.