Why Corporate America Appears More Left than Right

Why Corporate America Appears More Left than Right, by Virgil.

Okay, it’s probably the case that across the country, more businesspeople and entrepreneurs are on the right than on the left.

However, as executives rise through the ranks, the temptation to move left looms larger. And why is that? One reason is that the left, working through the Main Stream Media, does a great job of dangling liberal carrots. That is, the MSM is always highlighting, and lionizing, those “visionary” business leaders who are Democrats and liberals, starting with Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Howard Schultz of Starbucks. …

And if carrots by themselves don’t work, there’s always sticks. Suppose, for example, that a company is under fire for some misdeed, real or imagined. So now the MSM left can make an offer that many a CEO can’t refuse:

Do you want to get out from under your public relations problem? Moreover, do you want really to bounce back — and become a hero to the media? If so, then you’d better come out strongly for left-wing causes, such as, for example, gay marriage.

This is a cynical game, to be sure — but it works. Five years ago, the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs was still under a lingering cloud because of the Great Recession, and it was under immediate assault from the guerilla-theater crazies of Occupy Wall Street.

And lo and behold, that was exactly the moment when the embattled company’s CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, announced his support for gay marriage. At that point, the media storm clouds parted; in fact, the next thing Blankfein knew, he was honored to host Hillary Clinton at no less than three different speaking engagements.

Yes, that’s how the MSM’s carrot-and-stick system works.

In other words, the PC media trains business leaders to be PC, just like they do politicians: say something we approve of and we give you nice coverage, say something bad and we ignore you or give you bad coverage. Good dog, bad dog!